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No condoms. I grab just

My Pal, and soon-to-be-running-buddy, Sè Reed,
posted one thing exactly the various other time
about a contraceptive remedy nowadays. It isn’t really the one that i have heard of… And? It is for people men. Yep. Contraception for males! let me know more, jerky!

Okay, so contraceptives for men aren’t unheard of; they are not commonly used. Indeed, I can say truly the only contraception I previously utilized ended up being just pulling out (waits for folks to cuss and purge a middle thumb). But there are many enlightened strategies available, I recognize. I’m not that much of a pig, while I am entirely a pig. Heck, actually organized Parenthood contains the same
shitty strategies for male contraception.
Okay, they aren’t shitty, but pulling out is on their particular range of suggested contraception strategies. That is just requesting difficulty, like children and a burning nub.

Ladies. Ladies have all sorts of crap they’re able to get, spot, poke and exactly what perhaps not for contraception. I am talking about, with so much cool material, precisely why would we guys must do such a thing? Tis an effective concern.

this article I read
leads-in with a notion; an assumption actually: imagine if there is a contraceptive approach that failed to penalize infants, latex allergies, unusual hormones or other side effects? Is it possible you use it? Fuck yeah. Me, me personally, mofo! Well, this short article, written in March of 2012 informed myself that such a method DOES exist!! This technique is known as ‘RISUG’ and it’s evidently sorta bad-ass. But the reason why?

Really, a health care professional can poke a couple of tiny holes in my own chubby, inject some ectoplasm and almost render my swimmers unimportant for approximately a decade. Yeah. 10 Years!! Wow. Put on does one sign up for this celebration? Evidently this is simply not rather ready for prime time play in america. However, if you, anything like me, have an interest, subsequently
join get informed.

What do you-all believe? This seems less painful versus old-fashioned snip snip vasectomy technique.

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